Inaugural speech on LGBT Workplace Inclusion

On April 6th, I held my inaugural speech to mark my appointment as Professor on LGBT Workplace Inclusion at Leiden University. It was a festive occasion and I was very pleased to see how much interest there is in the topic. Besides family, friends and colleagues, the audience consisted of interested parties from industry, government and civil society.

Read the speech here (in Dutch): “Naar een Inclusieve Werkvloer: Seksuele Orientatie en Gender Identiteit op het Werk” or here (in English): “Toward an Inclusive Workplace: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity at Work”

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Member of the Utrecht Young Academy

I’m proud to announce that from today, I am a member of the Utrecht Young Academy, a select group of 30 enthusiastic and ambitious young academics at Utrecht University.

“Operating as an independent organisation within the university, the UYA aims to exchange critical perspectives on academia, policy, and society in Utrecht and beyond. It is a collaboration platform for generating ideas among young academics and influencing decision-makers on science and education policy. Throughout the year, UYA members organise a wide variety of inspiring activities for scholars, students and the public in order to boost the relationship between academia and society.”

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Toward effective and evidence-based diversity policy

The Netherlands Inclusivity Monitor (NIM) has been launched!

With the aim of bridging science and society, my research group at Utrecht University has teamed up with the National Integration Fund in developing an instrument to monitor organizations' diversity and inclusion practices and their impact.

The National Integration Fund is an initiative by CEO's of big corporations to contribute to a better and more integrated society through an evidence-based approach to diversity. We survey its D&I policy and employee perceptions, screen our findings in light of the latest scientific insights, and identify where progress can still be made. By repeating this annually and by benchmarking between organizations, we can monitor the progress and determine best practices.

See the press release (in Dutch) for more information or go to


Special Chair for the Workplace Inclusion of LGBT

I am excited to announce that starting January 1st 2017, I will be taking up a new position as the Workplace Pride Chair at Leiden University!

The Workplace Pride Chair is instituted by the Workplace Pride Foundation and Leiden University with the generous support of KPN and provides a focused and scientific approach to studying and improving LGBT inclusion in the workplace both domestically and internationally.

As the Chair, I intend to work on three broad and interrelated lines of research. A first focus will be to identify the factors that influence the workplace inclusion of LGBT+ people and to examine their dynamics. A second aim will be to contribute to evidence-based solutions to workplace inclusion by examining what are (and aren’t) effective types of policies and interventions. A third focus will be on how diversity policy is best communicated and implemented in order to mitigate resistance and enhance both majority and minority members’ support for it.

I will be combining it with my position at Utrecht University so am unlikely to get bored :)

Read more here


Is training aimed at reducing prejudice effective?

A new report by the Knowledge Platform Integration and Society (KIS), in which I was involved as expert consultant, is out examining the plausibility of prejudice reduction training. The most important conclusion? That the effectiveness of such an intervention depends on who is training, who is being trained, and what the objective of the training is (raising awareness, reducing prejudice or changing behavior).

Introduction for new employees

This morning I and other UU newbies received a formal introduction to our new place of work including a tour of University Hall, the university's public face and ceremonial heart. According to the website "It was here that the Treaty of Utrecht was signed in 1579, an event that is generally viewed as marking the origin of the Dutch nation. When Utrecht University was founded in 1636 it was given the Auditorium by the city." The building sure breathes history!

Photo credit: Rutger Hermsen (Creative Commons)

Photo credit: Rutger Hermsen (Creative Commons)