I am an assistant professor in Social & Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University and, per January 1st 2017, Professor of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Workplace Inclusion at Leiden University.

I study diversity in society and organizations and mainly focus on the social psychological mechanisms involved in how, why, and when people resist, provide support for, or directly engage in social change.


Recent publications

Moss-Racusin, C. A., Van der Toorn, J., Dovidio, J. F., Brescoll, V. L., Graham, M., & Handelsman, J. (2016). A “scientific diversity” intervention to reduce gender bias in a sample of life scientists. CBE—Life Sciences Education.

Ellemers, N., & Van der Toorn, J. (2015). Groups as moral anchors. Current Opinion in Psychology, 6, 189–194.

Van der Toorn, J., Ellemers, N., & Doosje, B. (2015). The threat of moral transgression: The impact of group membership and moral opportunity. European Journal of Social Psychology, 45, 609–622.

Van der Toorn, J., Feinberg, M., Jost, J. T., Kay, A. C., Tyler, T. R., Willer, R., & Wilmuth, C. (2015). A sense of powerlessness fosters system justification: Implications for the legitimation of authority, hierarchy, and government. Political Psychology, 36, 93-110.


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Highlighted research projects

The Legitimation of Inequality


Political Protest among Immigrants